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Why Bring your Plants???

As told to me recently: I had a friend who thought the word "orchid" was synonymous with "cymbidium." He also thought he was an expert "orchid" grower as his garden was chockers with "orchids" (cymbids) stuck into the ground and they flowered profusely every year without much care. I regularly pestered and nagged him to attend an SSOS monthly meeting with me, to no avail. Just to shut me up, he would always promise to go to a meeting with me once before he died.

As fate would have it, my friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness. One day I was visiting him, and in an attempt to lighten up the conversation, I reminded him of his promise to me. Lo and behold, he agreed to come to the next SSOS meeting.

From the moment he arrived at our meeting until the day before he passed away, my friend raved on and on about the fabulous display of REAL orchids that were displayed on the show benches that night. He had no idea there were so many different varieties and colours of orchids, and had a good laugh at himself over his cherished cymbidiums. He told everyone who came to visit him in hospital about the orchids he had seen that night. Thinking and talking about those orchids gave him a tremendous amount of pleasure during the last few months of his life and he thanked me profusely a number of times for finally dragging him to the SSOS monthly meeting.


The next time you think you can't be bothered loading up your plants into the car and dragging them to the SSOS meeting or our shows at Swanes and Sharkies, stop and think about my friend. You never know how your orchids may touch another person and put some joy into their life.

Jan Robinson