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Spring Show 2010

Aerangis fastuosa Coel. Jannine Banks 'Snow White'
Coel. Unchained Melody Cym Willangra Regal 'Midnight'
Den Yukidaruma 'The King' Cym. Daddy's Girl
  Den speciosum
Cym. A.W. X Lung 'Japan Green Tower'  
Dendrochilum curranii 'Madge' Kevin Wilson's Dislplay
Maxillaria densa Paph. malipoense
Lycaste Calymea 'Yeowie' Phragmipedium Living Fire 'Sunshine'
Pterostylis curta Plectochilus kilgra
The Sales Bench full of goodies Scenes from the Show
Susan King with her Championship Ribbon Lc. Mildred Rives 'Orchidglade'