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Setting Up Our Display at Sharkies

Display of orchids at Sharkies for 2006 Southern Orchid SpectacularIt was Wednesday 11th October approaching 5 pm, starving for dinner but with no time to cook I had to pack the orchids into the car and get to Sharkies by 6 pm! That was the time that the President told us to be there by. Hurry!!

Keeping to the speed limit, in fact at snail's speed, so the orchid flowers do not get damaged, I arrived at Sharkies (Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club) about 6.10 pm. There was Simone unloading the Trailer Load with her husband Ian tagging along. "I have unloaded one lot" She said, "and now I'm heading back home again for a second load." I walked into Sharkies, there was Madge greeting me with a "Where are the orchids and where is the list of orchids?". I said "Hi Madge, where's Nev." "He has gone back to get a second load of Stuff".

There was Mallee roots, bark, sandstone rocks, koppers logs, old man's beard, maiden hair ferns, birds nest ferns and all sorts of exotic orchids sprawled all over the floor. From there, a steady stream of members arrived with their plants. Madge ushered them to put their plants into designated areas, explaining to them that it would be about 8 pm before we can get in to the actual area where we would set up the display. Some members dropped their plants off and left while others decided to stay on.

Finally the powers to be (the Show Executive from NSW Orchid Society) turned up just as Russell arrived with a Trailer load of table tops and trestles. It was on, everyone rolled up their sleeves and before long, everything was unloaded.

We were then allocated a space to do our display. So it was on again, moving all our plants from the vacant sales area to the display area. There was Jan, strong as an ox (no offence meant Jan!) lifting this large solid rock! Then there way Tony telling Sandra, "You carry the rock and I will move these little orchids" Sure is a gentleman!! (Those rocks weigh a ton, mind you!) Simone was heard to have given a sigh of relief "Pheeeww, thank goodness lots of members have brought their orchids and foliage plants".

Display of orchids at Sharkies for 2006 Southern Orchid SpectacularSimone, Wal and Gary Hart then started on the display - the theme "A Rain Forest Setting". Orchids were placed, removed and repositioned into another spot. Ferns, old man's beard, pine bark and mulch were embellishing the display. The other members assisted by sorting out the different Genera of orchids so "the big 3"can pick the plants for the displays. Grouchy began sorting out the masses of check- in forms and started on the arduous task of completing the nomination forms for Judging. George and Pamela began writing the display plant tags. Pamela brought along a tape recorder to play some 'Rain Forest" music and noises as background music.

Eventually, after about 3 hrs, the display was completed - apart from the last minute adjustments, now it is perfect!! Let keep our fingers crossed - perhaps this year we will be back on the winners rostrum again!

Everyone that was there has expressed their enjoyment especially the new members/novices who had not experienced setting up a display. It was 11 pm, time to hit the sack!!

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October 2006


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