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SSOS Auction 2010

Auctioneer Bob.JPGThe annual SSOS May auction went very well this year, with 79 orchids and one cactus going to happy new homes. All members of the Society were invited to bring a maximum of six orchids each for the auction, and fifteen people took advantage of this opportunity to sell some of their plants. Orchids from many genera were on offer, including cymbids, cattleyas, Australian natives, paphs, phrags, restripias, coelogynes, dendrobiums, zygos, stanhopeas, and oncidiums. Murray, Bob and Neville took turns as auctioneer and were assisted by Wal and Gary in plant selection and description. Russell and Robert Bisetto were kept busy collecting money from the audience of bidders.




Nev and Bob.JPGA laelia anceps with 10 flowering spikes started the auction off, followed by two "very rare" paph insignes and a stanhopea oculata . Neville's Cymbidium Peewee was next and Daniel got in on the act with a Phrag Grande. Sandra and Tony had put together a box of Australian natives-one dendrobium speciosum , several sarcs, a dockrillia, and a nice cymbidium suave , all five plants were sold together. (Note to whoever bought the stanhopea grandiflora that was auctioned next : if you get that plant to flower any time in the next several years, please let me know how you did it!) Two of Madge's plants followed, her out-of-the-ordinary orchids always generate great interest. A large paph of Gary's caused quite a stir, especially when Sandra asked a question about it and Gary gave a lengthy description of the flower in response. The bidding was fast and furious after Gary's answer, with the paph finally going for a great price. George asked then if Gary would mind describing all of George's plants in the auction, as that was obviously the key to getting the big bucks!

Wake up Diane.JPGEven without Gary's input, Neville's large Dendrobium Mousmee really got the bidders going and they didn't bat an eye at going over the hundred dollar mark. Neville had been given this plant when he first joined the Society years ago, so there was a bit of Society history behind this orchid as well as it being a magnificent specimen. Neville's peloric cymbid also interested the bidders, we'll look forward to seeing that one on the show bench next year. A few miltassias, cattleyas, cymbids, coelogynes and zygos later, Woodsie's phaius was presented followed by another great paph of Ho's. For those interested in species plants, another stanhopea oculata , a maxilaria marginate, and a maxilaria porphyrostele were available and were all snapped up like hotcakes . I was happy to outbid Grouchy for Ho's Promenaea Crawshayna x Samsu (sorry, Kevin, it was the only prom in the whole auction and I wanted it!) If anyone was falling asleep by then, the bidding for Ho's multifloral Saint Swithin cross paph woke them up, followed by a compot of Neville's Cymbidium Cricket, what a bargain!


Auction audience.JPGOnly four plants left to go and the audience still had money in their pockets (although May and Sandra's cash reserves had been severely depleted by that stage, and Tony was getting tired from making so many trips out to the car with "his" new plants!) Dendrobium Pink Doll, a softcane that always does well at the shows, sparked some bidding interest, as did the next paph of Ho's. John Moss's stanhopea nigroviolacea was next, then the last plant of the night which was a specimen-sized dockrillia of Neville's. Bob Moar had to check his wallet to see if he had enough in there to keep on bidding when the price got above $70, and unfortunately he didn't!

Thank you to all the members who participated in the night's fun, and bad luck to those in the audience who didn't win the bids on the plants they were after. There's always next year's auction!!