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Huh, What did you say?

This is a glossary of terms that every grower should know and every novice should learn because discussions with senior growers become very awkward when you have no idea what there talking about trust me I was in that situation not that long ago. So here it is to help you along.

Acid (soils) Having a pH below 6
Aerial Growth Young plants that that develops from bulb or stem of plant also known as Keiki's
Aerial Roots Erect adventurous roots that often collect leaf litter
Agar Solution Formulated Solution of nutrients for germinating seeds in vitro
Alkaline(soils) Having a pH above 8
Anther The pollen bearing part of the stamen
Apical Flowering stem
Back Bulb Older often leafless bulbs that may reshoot if severed from main plant
Backcross A hybrid resulting from the crossing of an existing cross with one of its parents
Bifoliate With two leaves
Bigeneric Hybrid An artificial hybrid containing two related genera
Bud An unopened flower
Column The central fleshy part of the flower containing the sexual organs
Common Name Name of a plant species that is not its botanical or scientific name
Cross A less formal term for hybrid
Cultivar A selected and often superior variety of a species or hybrid
Deciduous The seasonal shedding of leaves which live for less than a year
Diploid Refers to the number of chromosomes in this case 2n
Dormant Resting or not in growth
Epiphyte A plant that grows on trees but is not parasitic
Evergreen Retaining leaves throughout the year
Eye Small dormant growth from which flowers or leaves develop
Foliage Leaves and twigs in mass
Genus A group of related species, a taxonomic category above species
Germination The emergence of a new plant from a seed
Grex A specific hybrid combination
Growth Vegetative shoot
Hybrid A cross between two different species or hybrids
Inflorescence The flowering stem of a plant
Intergeneric The same as bigeneric but with more than two genera
Keiki Hawaiian term for aerial growth
Labellum A modified petal also known as a lip
Leaf The plant organ that is primarily responsible for photosynthesis
Lip More casual term for labellum
Lithophyte A plant that grows on rocks
Mericlone A plant derived vegetatively from tissue culture identical to its parent
Microclimate The climate of a small area that can be affected by many things e.g. Climate
Monopodial Having one main or primary stem producing leaves and flowers along that stem
Natural Hybrid A rare naturally occurring hybrid between two species
Node The part of the stem that is jointed and produces leaves or buds
Ovary The structure directly behind the flower that develops into the seed capsule
Peloric An abnormal formation
Petal A floral organ often used to attract pollinators to the sexual organs of the plant
Photosynthesis A process by which plants generate food
Pollen The dust like material produced by the male flowering parts delivering the male nucleus to the female plant for reproduction
Pollination The mechanism by which pollen is transferred to the stigma
Primary Hybrid The initial hybrid between two species
Propagation The practice of multiplying plants artificially
Pseudobulb The thickened or bulb like stem of a symbodial plant
Raceme The stem on which the flowers are borne
Rhizome A specialized stem from which from which shoots and roots are produced
Root The organ for absorption of water and nutrients it also stabilizes the plant
Seed Organ for reproduction and spreading of plants
Seedling A young plant raised from seed that has yet to flower
Sepal One segment of a flower
Species Orchids as they naturally occur in the wild
Stamen The male part of a flower producing pollen
Stem The organ of the plant that supports leaves and flowers
Stigma The sticky receptive part of the column which accepts pollen
Substrate The material in which a plant is rooted
Symbodial A growth habit by which each stem has limited growth and new shoots develop from the base of previous ones
Synonym A previous invalid name for a species
Terrestrial A plant that grows in the ground
Tertaploid A plant with double the number of normal chromosomes
Unifoliate With one leaf
Variety Taxonomic rank below species often used for minor differences