Den. speciosium Pedunculatum

Den. speciosium Pedunculatum



Den. Kayla

Den. Kayla



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The Different Varieties of Dendrobium Speciosum









Eastern Victoria to South Eastern Queensland

Central eastern NSW to Central Eastern Queensland

South East Queensland

Coastal North East Queensland

Central Eastern Queensland i.e. near the Tropic

North Queensland tablelands

Altitude and Habitat

Sea level to 500metres in exposed situations or high in rainforest

Coastal ranges in rainforest

Sea level to 1000 metres in open forest and rainforest fringes

Sea level to 200metres in open forest or rainforest

Old volcanic structures from the coast to500 metres

500 to1000 metres in open forest


Lithophyte - rocky ledges, boulders, occasionally on trees

Epiphyte on rainforest trees

Epiphyte or lithophyte

Lithophyte or epiphyte

Lithophyte often in full sun

Lithophyte in full sun on exposed dry rocks

Growth Form

Varies between 30 & 60 cm tall, 2 to 6cm thick at the base.

Large , up to 1 metre tall, usually massed aerial roots

Varies between 30 & 90 cm tall, 5cm thick, often has aerial roots

Varies between 10 & 80 cm tall, upto 5cm thick

Varies between 7 & 20 cm

Varies between 5 & 30 cm, up to 5 cm thick

Flower and Raceme

Commonly cream but can be white or yellow. Flowers up to 5cm in late winter or spring

Pale cream, small flowers up to 3 Cm. long congested racemes

Dark yellow large flowers, up to 7cm, thin segments. Raceme is usually congested.

Usually cream, heavy textured 7 cm large flowers on long racemes, well spaced

White or cream, well spaced, wide opening and heavy textured flowers.

Very pale cream small - 2cm flowers bunched on the top one third of the raceme

Other Names

Rock Lily

Den. tarberi

Den. rex

Golden King orchid

Den. curvicaule

Den. pedunculatum

Other Details

Seen at its best in the Illawarra region. The type form.

Most common parent of natural hybrids like delicatum and gracillimum

Good colour and size but poorly arranged flowers. Similar to hillii in growth but larger, darker flowers

Flower qualities are similar to the type form.

Can flower in winter. Could be a form of curvicaule or a mix of other varieties.

Flowers in winter in QLD, spring in Sydney. Commonly a dwarf plant.

Well Known Clones

'National White'
'Kate Special'

Mt. Larcome Gold
Kroombi Kalpower

Daylight Moon
Ted Palmerston Tony's #1 Mackay

Southern Cross


Neville Roper
August 2006