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Chinese Banquet

If you didn't attend the Chinese Banquet last night (27 Nov.) organised by May Luk at St. George League's Club, you really missed out! Twenty-seven Society members and their guests shared a fabulous feast of Chinese cuisine and enjoyed each others' company around three large tables which had been decorated by who else but our May. Two flowering phaleanopsis plants adorned with Christmas holly and wrapping paper were the centrepieces for each table. People on Table One wondered what was going on when May insisted that Gordon Dodd sit in a particular place instead of in "her chair." The mystery was later solved when May told everyone to check for a bit of paper she had hidden under the seats of two chairs at each table-these were the winners of the lucky door prize phallies. Now Gordon has a phally to add to his collection. On Table Two, Jeanette Rose was seen checking three chairs before finding her piece of paper, well done Jeanette! The menu had been negotiated by May at only $32/head for numerous courses. When one of our members requested plain boiled rice instead of the special fried rice due to her food allergy, May whispered into the ear of one of the waiters to please take a bowl of rice from another table to avoid a deviation from our menu and any additional charges. Only you could have done that, May, and gotten away with it!!! Stay tuned for news of Chinese Banquet #2 in the New Year, it is rumoured that lobster will be on the menu this time.

Thanks, May, for a fun and very filling night out!